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There’re fascinating things happening at the intersection of code and money in Africa

We know this at Paystack because we process over 50% of all online transactions in Africa’s largest market, and every day, we speak with hundreds of the most interesting startups, bankers, and regulators who're rebuilding the fundamental financial infrastructure of the continent.

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Bolaji Akande's Picture

Bolaji Akande 🔥

a.k.a Van Damme

Bolaji Akande is a Product Specialist and Key Account Manager at Paystack, where he serves as the primary liaison between Paystack and some of our largest merchants across numerous industries.

When he isn’t lifting weights, we honestly have NO idea what he gets up to. It’s a complete mystery. Honestly if you have any idea how this man spends his nights and weekends PLEASE give us a call and tell us because at this point we're really worried.

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